Artist Statement

Nick Adam is a strategic communication artist. Expert in the convergence of art and science towards problem-solving. As a creative-analytic with a conscience, Nick’s work is focused towards improving humankind. Understanding that all lives contain complications propels Nick to employ design as a tool in simplifying and solving these issues.

On the streets, within communities and inside the market place, Nick brings his expertise in the synergetic coupling of science and art to produce relatable and appropriate communications. Utilizing science, the problems of the world are analytically understood; with art he creates new worlds where solutions are appropriately introduced.

Nick’s work exemplifies the diversity of our world. He believes creating issue and audience appropriate points of awareness are invaluable catalysts to precipitate change, positive shifts, and success.

Forever and ever. Mayor Daley. This is a legacy piece, as much as it is a vehicle of social commentary. Equally the message tributes Richard M. Daley's political brilliance as well it acknowledges his personal sacrifice to the people and city of Chicago. For the thirty-eight years he has dedicated his life to political office, twenty-two of them were invested as Mayor. Positions of public and political service are roles in our society of great honor yet of even greater duty. Decisions made by any of us impact our lives through the resulting effects. Often one effect will lead to another like a row of tumbling dominoes interchanging the rolls of cause and effect. The effects caused by public figures... specifically political figures have the percussive factor of forever. Far past any term of office impact exponentially grows. While Chicago has surpassed Daniel Burnham's 100 year plan his impact is felt every moment by every Chicagoan. Mayor Daley's dedication and work for Chicago will be seen, felt, and experienced through out our infrastructure and our lives. Impact of this immensity reverberates forever.

I question if people of this stature ever return to a normal life, I celebrate all that they have given. I recognize all they have impacted.

Thanks and best wishes letter from Mayor Richard M. Daley to Lauren Pacheco Executive Director of CUAS, for delivering a "Mayor Daley. Forever and Ever." sign to the Mayor.

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